avid has worked with governmental and non-governmental organisations, businesses, critical infrastructure providers and civil society on large-scale systemic risk.

This can range from structured conversations to formal lectures and workshops. He has also been retained as an ad hoc advisor and written a number of specific briefings.


We organize half and full day workshops tailored to our clients specific requirements. These often present a ‘big picture’ overview of the issues surrounding large-scale systemic risk.

We then home in on our clients specific interests, interactively helping them explore their own risk landscape so that they can anticipate potential shock and chronic stress issues; the scope for risk and resilience management; and how the organization might move forward.

Recent workshops and briefings have covered: Systemic Shocks: origins, pathways and risk management; The End of Growth: understanding risks, uncertainties and decline dynamics; and Resilience for an Age of Risk and Transformation.

We can also organize longer and more detailed lecture programs / workshops / scenario planning in conjunction with our network of international experts.

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Interview initially recorded in Brno, Czech Republic on 29 January 2014 during David’s lecture tour in Slovakia
and the Czech Republic. It was then re-edited over the following month. It comprises two parts: How to be Trapped and Anger & Complicity in a time of Limits.